Akhilesh recommends cheating in exams

Former Chief Minister of UP Akhilesh says every one cheats in exams and he has also done it when he wrote the exams. This statement was made by Akhilesh as the BJP CM Yogi is not allowing any cheating in exams this time.

Unofficial reports say that around 10 lakh students did not attend to the exams on the very first day as there no scope left for copying. Taking this into account Akhilesh spoke cheating as a right of matter. As a former CM of the state, he has admitted to having copied in the exams.

One must understand as to what kind of a message Akhilesh is giving to the youth and the student community here in UP. Or will he allow mass copying if he comes back to the power in the state?

Akhilesh recommends cheating in exams

Every one does cheat in exams and a little bit of it is not Cheating said Akhilesh Babu in a statement.

We must have a different kind of exam system if we have to stop cheating Akhilesh stated. He suggested about the European model of exams.

A little bit of copying is not considered as cheating he stated. This is not expected from a man who has been a Chief Minister of the state.



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