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Agarbattis are harmful

Incense sticks Agarbattis are used in abundance in many religious places. People working in these places or the ones who spend a lot of time there, are more likely to be prone to risks of smoke released by incense sticks. On being asked if using incense sticks in moderation will pose any serious risks to health.

But they are not harmful when used in moderation. “Incense sticks are more harmful for people who are allergic to smoke. Lighting 1 or 2 agarbattis in a day at home will not be harmful for anybody.

Agarbattis are harmful

But being in their constant exposure can be hazardous to health,”

Regarding the health risks posed by incense sticks, pollutants released by the smoke of incense sticks can sometimes cause inflammation in the tubes that are responsible for passing air to lungs. Content of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen can lead to chronic diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).



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