After VidyaBalan it is Deepu for NTR Cinema Political Top Stories 

After VidyaBalan it is Deepu for NTR

It is already a known fact Vidya Balan was taken for the role of Basavatharakam the wife of NTR in his biopic being done by his Son Balakrishna and directed by Teja. Paresh Rawal was taken for the role of Nadendla Bhaskar Rao the man who dethroned NTR and became CM of AP for one month.

After Vidya Balan it is Deepu for NTR

Now the latest is that Deepika Padukone has been taken by Teja for the role of Sridevi. Sridevi who died recently has acted in many films with NTR right from the age of 15. Now Balakrishna the man doing the NTRs role will have a song sequence with Deepika as she would be doing a Sridevi for him.

The film is a matter for discussion both in Tollywood and Bollywood as big names are being heard for the roles. NTR was a legend and has done films which were blockbusters. He was Rama Krishna and also a Rickshaw puller for the Telugu cine-goers. He did all kinds of roles and they loved him like a god.

After Vidya Balan it is Deepu for NTR

But the fact is that his grandson NTR looks exactly like the Senior, but his name was not considered for the movie. He is the son of Harikrishnas second wife. Harikrishna was the man who drove NTR in his Chaitanya Ratham for elections which resulted in a huge victory for the TDP just in 9 months. Now the party is in the hands of Chandrababu.



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