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Advani as the PM?

There are rumours in Delhi that people from South are planning to make Advani as the next Prime Minister of India. AP CM Chandrababu is working out with the strategy they said. We do not know how far is this true, but you cannot say, in politics everything is possible. Babu wants to become a Kingmaker again like earlier times.

Vice President Venkaiah who hails from Andhra and who is close to Chandrababu will be a happy man if this happens as Advani is the guru for Venkaiah.

Advani as the PM?

In one way Modi has ended Venkaiahs political life. They have made a dummy out of firebrand Venkaiah. Leaders within the party will endorse the leadership of Advani. Advani is one man who can take care others interest and will be like an elder man in the family who looks after the good and bad of others.

Shiva Sena, TRS and TDP are already against the rule and style of Modi. The parties against Modi believe that it is not easy to trounce BJP in the next elections, so they would try to keep Modi aside and encourage Advani to be the Prime Minister.

For this, they would do an internal assessment first and would convince all other parties under the leadership of Chandrababu and finally, Advani would take over as the PM.

Advani as the PM?

This is just a thinking prevailing in the political parties from the south as well as some sections of the BJP. Modi would be brought to such a situation that to keep the BJP in power he would agree to step down and give way to the senior leader Advani who is a consensus candidate within the party and for other parties also.

This could happen after the elections or just before the elections.

This is supposed to be a loud thinking among the BJP leaders and also outsiders. Now both the CMs of the Telugu states are working against Modi and mobilising support against the BJP.



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