Administration will be decentralised: KTR

Keep the city clean and keep the city safe. Please keep the open places for lung space and also parks. The Government will help you to a greater extent assured KTR the Minister for IT and Municipal administration. The TRS government is for the people he said. This is your rule for you we have achieved Telangana he said.Decentralisation of administration is the key for governance going to the doorstep of the public he said.


Every division will have 3circles and more decentralisation will take place in the near future bringing people closer to the public he said. KTR said that the idea of KCR the Chief Minister was to see that the people dont face any hurdles in reaching the officials. He said that this was the reason the state was divided into 31 districts for decentralisation of governance.

ktr mana nagaram

The taxes paid by the people will be used for the sake of the welfare of the people he assured. If the people dont co-operate the Government cannot do anything all alone he reminded. The participation of the people and the feedback from the people in every aspect is very much needed he said. Mini Sewer treatment plants will be taken up to stop the pollution at the respective areas he said. We much achieve international standards in the living in Hyderabad he said.



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