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An acid test for Rahul’s leadership

This is the first election in Karnataka after Rahul Gandhi has taken over as the AICC Chief. It is like an acid test to the leadership of Gandhi who is confident of winning the election. We have seen a mature Rahul in Karnataka giving a tough fight for Modi the PM and BJP but it all depends on if the Congress can win the election.

Former CM Yeddyurappa already has announced the date for the swearing-in ceremony and some surveys indicate that the BJP is going to be the winner. Siddharamaiah unable to take this has said that Yeddy is mentally disturbed.

But one has to wait for two days for the results. The stakes are very high for both political parties and it could be anybody’s game. There is a close contest and the JDS could take all the advantage for becoming a kingmaker. We will get absolute majority declared a beaming Siddharamaiah. But the JDS Gowdas were not in the frame since morning.

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Many of the BJP leaders went to the temple, did cow puja and prayed for the victory of the party. Even PM Modi is in Nepal and visited the Pashupatinath temple. This is an indirect campaign for the BJP the Congress alleged.

But Modi was on a tour to Nepal and has been making the Temple run. Even Rahul did the same in Karnataka during the election campaign.

If Congress wins it will give a new lease of life to the party and also Rahul can aspire for the Prime Ministership in 2019. Otherwise, it could be the end of the road for the Congress for 2019. If BJP wins it will be a cake walk to the PM Modi in next elections.

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