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The Accidental Prime Minister

The story of Manmohan Singh the former Prime Minister is being shot in London. The movie based on the book of Sanjaya Babu the Press Secretary of the then PM will have all the angles as to how he became the PM and who stopped Sonia from becoming the PM so on and so forth will be there.

Anupam Kher is portraying the role of Manmohan Singh and the Character of Sonia Gandhi will also be there.  Baru book had details as to how the PM was used and controlled by the Sonia family. It also gave an insight as to who actually was running the PMO and who was guiding the PM in reality.

Vijay Ratnakar G is the director of this film. There is a talk that this film could expose the misdeeds of Sonia family and also various issues where Manmohan was not responsible. This will, in fact, help the BJP to some extent. There is talk that some leaders might go to the court for stalling the movie.

Today Manmohan Singh was in the news when he greeted the TRS MPs and praised the Governance of KCR in Telangana.

  The Accidental Prime Minister



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