6 packs dont attract women!

The muscles or the so called six pack dont attract women. Men must know this. Even hitting the gym all the time is not good it is reported. It might reduce the craving for sex it is learnt.

Most men believe that having that perfect physique attracts women and so they go to the gym often to build those muscles. Unfortunately, a new research says that women don’t really look at the muscles anymore.

6 packs dont attract women!

They however might be more interested in knowing what is inside rather than be shown flexed muscles unnecessarily.

According to a report in Men’s Health, both men and women did not pay attention to physical attributes as much as being attracted to naked pictures of men or women which led to arousal. Men and women will spend more time looking at a penis or vagina and other parts.

6 packs dont attract women!

Interestingly, it also related to the arousal among men and women and for the former looking at pictures helped them with arousal and an erection.

Women however are looking for more than muscles, so men can take a break because recent research has also said that it going to the gym often can reduce libido which is not really a good sign.



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