5 TS students selected by NASA

Five students from a private engineering college in Telangana have been selected for the prestigious NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.

The five-member team of students from the SR Engineering College in Warangal will now take part in the 5th annual NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge to be held in April 2018 in the US.

5 TS students selected by NASA

The team, which will be led at the event by faculty Manoj Chaudhary, comprises P Paul Vineeth (final year ECE) Prakash Raineni (final mech), P Sravan Rao (final year ECE), R Dilip Reddy (final mech) and V Sneha (final civil), it said.

The students qualified for the final challenge of overcoming the selection criteria – to prepare a moon buggy, design, report and submit their idea that makes their buggy work on the surface of the moon, ensuring the safety of its passengers, according to the SR Engineering College.



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