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5 lakh insurance for farmers

The farmers will be insured for Rs 5 lakh KCR the CM of Telangana assured. Yadavs with sheep rearing have already earned around Rs 1000 crore he said. The centre must provide MSP to all the crops KCR demanded. The centre gives Rs 4000 crore to Minorities and the state of Telangana gave Rs 2000 crore he pointed out.

cm kcr

Every house will get the water tap facility he announced. The lawmakers and officials are two wheels of Governance and they must strive hard for the development of Telangana he suggested. Osmania Gandhi and Niloupher hospital will be improved and developed he assured. He complimented the Government doctors and the patients are overflowing. The patients are accommodated here and there. But Media is giving negative news on these hospitals he pointed out.

cm kcr

He mentioned about KCR kit. We have to strive more for achieving Bangaru Telangana KCR opined. Political opportunists are saying whatever they want. The Congress is taking whatever they want. Congress spoiled Telangana and TRS got Telangana and developed Telangana he explained.

All benefits are coming to your house and the development is in front of you. It is with your blessings I am going forward and you must bless me he requested.



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