5 dead in Bharat Bandh violence Political Top Stories 

5 dead in Bharat Bandh violence

Five people have died in the violence due to Bharat Bandh called by Dalit groups against the Supreme Court Order. 4 people died in Madhya Pradesh during the clashes. A man was killed in Rajasthan in the police firing.

Violence erupted in Punjab, Rajasthan and Jharkhand organised by Dalits in various forms. Police are trying to ensure peace, but the army is put on alert as a standby. The Dalits are protesting on the issue that the order passed by Supreme Court dilutes the law that is meant to protect them.

 5 dead in Bharat Bandh violence On the other hand, the latest is that the Modi government has asked for a review of the so-called order which is going against the interest of the Dalits. Trains services were hit in several parts of the country as the Dalits protests by sitting on the tracks. In Bihar, Nitish Kumar is supporting the rally.

Exams were cancelled in the several states in the country due to Bharat bandh organised by Dalits.Many political parties including the Congress is supporting the cause of Dalits. Some leaders have met the PM Modi over the issue and the result is that the central government has asked for a review of the order. In some states, the internet services have been disrupted to avoid the spread of rumours.

Earlier under the prevention of atrocities against SC-STs, there was an immediate arrest of the accused, the court prevented the immediate arrest clause. The Dalits want the restoration of the same.



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