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40 MLAs against Chandrababu?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan said that 40 TDP MLAs have complained to him openly about the corruption of Chandrababu and Lokesh. Is this real or Pawan Kalyan is just trying to play some mind games against the TDP supremo.
If is real then 40 MLAs might join the Jana Sena in the near future. Does Babu know about this? Will he just keep quite when his MLAs are trying to get out of the TDP?
Some leaders close to Babu said that the TDP chief Knows about who are those MLAs who are hand in glove with the Jana Sena Chief. They may face axe in the next elections. He might not allocate the tickets for them and give an opportunity to the new people.
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As of now, Babu may not take the risk of pointing to them as this might encourage others also to go away from the TDP. Like the BJP, the TDP is also in a correction mode and it will take some time for Chandrababu and his son to wriggle out of the allegations made by Pawan Kalyan.
The BJP on the other side is also attacking Babu from the back door as he has withdrawn from the Government.
It may not be that easy for the TDP government to come back to power in 2019.



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