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4 Cs in politics says Venkaiah Naidu

Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President of India said that in Politics four Cs are encouraged and they are caste, cash community and criminality. It may be noted that the majority of the winners in the Karnataka elections are crorepatis.

He, however, clarified that the others 4 Cs that should be encouraged are Caliber, character, capacity and conduct. He said that if these three are there the candidate will serve the public and become a good leader.

He said that in Assembly and Parliament the leaders should discuss and debate and not fight and stall the proceedings fo the house he suggested. It may be noted that Venkaiah cancelled the dinner for lawmakers as they could not conduct themselves and run the business in the parliament.

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He also wanted that all the courses including the professional courses should be taught in the own mother languages so that the learning becomes easy. Local languages should be there or else we will forget our culture in the near future he said. But he, however, said that English learning is also a must and that it should not be ignored.

Let the students learn engineering medicine and all other courses in Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi or whatever is the local language in that state he said. That will make them more learn easily he opined.



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