3rd Judge will decide the fate of 18 MLAs

A split verdict was delivered by the Madras High court over the 18 MLAs of the disqualified group of TTV Dinakaran. While one judge opined that the disqualification was right, the other found fault with it. Now it has been decided that a third judge will also look into the issue and decide on the matter.

The second judge not only disagreed but also struck down the order. But the 18 MLAs of the AIADMK will stay disqualified for now. The MLAs were on tenterhooks and waiting for the Judgement and now the same has been posted for a fresh hearing. This is happening after 9 months of the political unrest in Tamilnadu.


On the other hand, two Congress MLAs were disqualified in Telangana and the Supreme court said that the MLAs should not be disqualified and they must be allowed to the Assembly. But the Speaker of Telangana is yet to decide over the matter. It has to be seen if the court order will be implemented by the Speaker in Telangana. Now one has a question to ask whether the Supreme court is supreme or the speaker is final.



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