31 killed -70 injured in Kabul Top Stories 

31 killed -70 injured in Kabul

At least 31 people were killed and more than 70 were wounded by a suicide bomber in Kabul. The incident occurred outside a registration centre in the Afghan capital on Sunday. This is supposed to be an attack against the election preparations.

The elections are scheduled to be in October and these elections will pave way for the Presidential elections to be conducted next year here in Kabul.

31 killed -70 injured in Kabul

Dawood Amin the city police chief said that the incident happened at the entrance gate of the voter registration centre. He concluded that it was a suicide attack.

Apart from the police, the health ministry officials confirmed that the death toll could be more than 30 and about 70 of them injured in the suicide blasts.

Medical teams have been rushed to the centre and the police are investigating the case. The political parties have condemned the incident.



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