30 bedded hospital for Illanthakunta Political Top Stories 

30 bedded hospital for Illanthakunta

K Taraka Ramarao the IT Minister said that Rasamayi is an active MLA who derives help and funds from all the quarters.

He said that Rasamayi is doing things very well in the development of districts and also Telangana. Earlier several rulers ridiculed that we cannot do the Governance but we have done exceedingly well and given a befitting answer to those people he stated.

Congress has made a lot of empty promises and never bothered about the plight of the people or the farmers he reminded. Bangaru Telangana is becoming a reality and the people are with the Government he said. Congress trying to politicise the input money being given to the farming community. He questioned Janareddy to reply as whey they could not give any support to the farmers when they were in power.

30 bedded hospital for Illanthakunta

The farmers are puzzled as to why the Congress leaders are after them these days KTR opined. KCR is a man who says no to the farming community KTR explained. Irrigation, Power, housing, drinking water are the subjects being monitored on day to day basis KTR said. The Congress is losing the elections in a row and it will lose Telangana also hands down he predicted.

The issuance of cheques is going on since last 7 days and the farmers are a happy lot KTR explained.

The Congress leaders are unable to digest the development going in the state of Telangana he said. A 30 bedded hospital for Illanthakunta has been sanctioned by the Minister.



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