2019 looks at Mamata didi

With political parties gearing up for 2019, the majority of the political parties and the leaders are looking at Mamata didi for making a new front to take on the BJP.

The Trinamool Mamata didi has been in politics for several years and trounced the communists in Bengal and got a second term as the CM of Bengal.

Didi will see to it that she gets a good number of seats in the next Loksabha. TRS leader Chandrasekhar Rao is also dam sure of coming back to power and that is the reason he is distancing the TRS from BJP.

2019 looks at Mamata didi

Even the TDP leader Chandrababu from Andhra also has sensed that people are vexed with Modi -looking at didi- and that is the reason he has withdrawn the Ministers at the centre.

Both Babu and KCR think it is wise to keep away from Modi for making a comeback in the 2019 elections.

In the same fashion, didi is in touch with Stalin, Kejriwal, Uddhav and others. Now the trend is to go for a new front and that should be anti-BJP. But KCR is talking about anti-BJP and Congress which is somewhat difficult.

Now SP and BSP are fighting an election together in UP. Gujarat was narrowly missed by Congress and now they are trying Karnataka. If they can win in Karnataka it will be too good for the opposition.

But one has to see if the alternative front will have Congress or not. But Didi remains as the central focus. On the other hand, KCR clarified that for now, he will concentrate on Telangana till 2019.

So the option left is Mamata didi.



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