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2 countries movie review

Ullas Kumar (Sunil) is a guy who lives on the money of others in his own place. He borrows money and hide from them when they come to collect. Laya (Manisha Raj) is a childhood friend of him. She lives in US and she returns to India.

Both get introduced again and they both get married after series of incidents. After the marriage Laya goes to US and start avoiding Ullas Kumar. He goes to US to know the actual reason of her to do so and bring her back convincing her. When he reach US, he gets to know some bitter truths. Rest of the story is about those bitter truths and how he managed to change Laya into her wife again.

2 countries movie review

2 Countries is a movie about a useless guy who becomes a responsible husband to cure her alcohol addiction. She always misunderstands everything he is done to her and he never gives up with that and try to change her.

Director N Shankar, who is also the producer of this movie failed in making this movie an entertaining ride.

Having someone who can make the audience laugh so easily, N Shankar failed to exploit on the comedy aspect of Sunil.

Sunil, who is fading slowly , should have okayed a finer script with the same director to score a better hit. But overall it is an Ok movie.

starring: Sunil -Manisha Raj
Director: N Shanker
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Producer: Shanker



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