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105 enough for Yeddy-Cong MLAs in Hyderabad

The Congress MLAs overnight have been shifted to Hyderabad in three buses and they are staying in hotel Krishna Oberoi Hyderabad. It is not easy to beat BJP especially when it has got the majority in the form of a single largest party. There is a chance that the BJP might work out in such a fashion that some Congress party MLAs may not come to the Assembly when the show of strength is done on the floor of the house.

At that point of time when counted the 104 will become the majority in the house and Yeddyurappa will win the majority on the floor of the house. 2 MLAs are absconding, and some more will not come to the house and finally, the BJP will prove its majority at 104 plus one independent that is 105.

That is the reason the BJP and Yeddyurappa are saying that they are winning the majority test one hundred percent. In 2008 some MLAs resigned from the Congress and the BJP came into majority and later they got elected. But this is not so easy.

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Two more seats have to go for election and there is a chance that BJP might win taking the tally to 106. Kumara Swamy has won from two seats and he will have just one vote while claiming the majority.

MLAs may resign, MLAs may not come for voting and anything could happen for the BJP to stay in power.



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