1000 crore betting @ Nandyal

In Andhra people bet on everything. Elections are no exception. Especially if it is between Jagan and Babu. If Jagan wins it is bright future for him. If Babu loses bad days for TDP.

Heavy bettings are going on for the Nandyal elections. You are paid more if you bet on Jagan.Rs 1000 crore is at stake between two political parties.

Babu should be shot dead: Jagan

TDP is banking heavily on the sympathy wave and development works taken up ahead of the by-election. Whereas, YSR Congress is pinning all hopes on it’s cadre base and grip of Shilpa Mohan Reddy.

1000 crore betting @ Nandyal

Most of the Punters have been preferring YSR Congress in this by-election for reasons best known to them.

In the last general elections bettings to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore happened in Kurnool district. Now, around Rs 1,000 crore bettings have been reported for Nandyal.



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